Friday, November 2, 2012

Stop the Excuses: VT vs Miami Reaction

Last night I posed the question, “What really is the problem with this year’s VT football team?” I wasn't sure where do go with it.  Is it the Offensive Scheme? Offensive Play Calling? Execution? Head Coach? After sleeping on it, my theory is that the program has been infiltrated by a non-creative stagnant leadership.  We have lost our edge as a program.  We are weak across the board, from the Athletic Director to long snapper (I miss Collin Carroll).  Here is my proof.  Check out these road and neutral site turnover stats from (the site only goes back to 2007, so that’s how far I went back):

VT Road/Neutral Turnover Ratio vs National Average

I know these numbers might seem like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but here is a quick explanation so stay with me.  Over the past 5 years, the Hokies have been better than average on the road or on neutral fields when it comes to turnover margin.  Even more, every year that they have finished with a top 15% margin (greater than 1 standard deviation from the mean), they have won the ACC.  This year, the Hokies are on the verge of finishing the season in the bottom 3% of all FBS college football.  They are currently #121 of 124 teams, and this is 2 years away from leading all teams in this category in 2010.  And you can’t even come close to saying the teams we played this year are anywhere near as good as the teams we played away from home in 2010.  Here is the comparison:

2010: #3 Boise State, Boston College,#23 NC State, North Carolina, #21 Miami, #20 Florida State, #5 Stanford

2012: Pittsburg, Cincinnati, North Carolina, #14 Clemson, Miami

So what is the difference? How can we go from kicking butt on the road, to falling so flat? We had won 12 straight true road games from 2009 through the Pitt game this year!

Like I said above, my premise is that the program has lost its edge.  And I believe whole heartedly that this is caused by faulty leadership.  True leadership creates a team culture where mistakes are limited and people are held accountable for their mistakes.  A leader also steps up their game in hostile environments and clutch situations.  We have NONE of this! Where has it gone?  

I have never heard more excuses for mistakes in my life.  Someone (anyone!) please stand up and say, “this was my fault, I take responsibility.”  Then, lead this team forward.  STOP THE EXCUSES! Has Beamer stopped leading well, what is Bud doing? We all know O'Cainspring can't cut it.  Is it the players? Did Tyrod, Willson, Willams and Randle make up for the faults of the coaching staff over the past 5 years?  I sure think so... 

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