Friday, September 21, 2012

Picks: Week 4

We are a quarter of the way through the season, and I still haven’t been able to manage a winning week.  My picks straight up have been pretty good, but for some reason I can’t seem to hit it right on many games against the spread.  Going into this week I am at a whopping 33% (4-8) and hoping for something better.  Here are nine picks for you this week, with the usual star by my favorites.  

You should probably just assume the opposite of all these...

Arizona State +21.5 over Oregon – Oregon has been known to let teams back into games late.  Look for ASU to bring this one within a few scores. 

FSU -14 over Clemson – FSU’s defense looks incredible and they are playing a team that struggled with a bad Auburn club.  Look for FSU to go up big early.

Kansas State +15.5 over Oklahoma – I think K-State remembers the beat down they got last year from OU and comes out seeking revenge.  The sooners win a close one at home.

*Michigan +6 over Notre Dame – Here I go picking Michigan again, but I really think that Michigan is better than people think.  Plus, I am not sold on ND.  Michigan wins on a big day from Denard.   Here is a little reminder for how great this game was last year.  Also, listen to some great announcing from the BTN.  Dude says "G. O. N. N. Gone!" and " Liters of Fun!"

*Georgia Tech -14 over Miami – GT throttled UVA last week at home and is playing a much worse Miami team this week.  Miami just doesn’t have the talent any more to compete. 

*UTEP +18 over Wisconsin – Wisconsin has struggled to score all season and are starting a freshman at QB this week for the first time.  They are averaging less than 18 points per game!  Much less beating people by that much.  Plus UTEP showed us in week 1 that they can play with anyone.  Wisconsin wins, but not by 18.

*UVA +18 over TCU – TCU had a rough go of it with Kansas last week and I think UVA bounces back.  TCU wins a close one in Fort Worth. 

Penn State -7.5 over Temple – I think that Penn State finally got their act together last week against Navy.  They show up to play in Happy Valley and win big.  


  1. I would make a wager on TCU. Especially if you give me 18. Lunch?

  2. Oh...and next week, you need to include Baylor. Curious if you think they have a chance. If the dominate this week maybe you will be a believer.

  3. 1st of all, TCU is giving the points, not UVA. I'll take it if you give me the 18?

    And, I was tempted to pick the Baylor-ULM game this week. If I had to say, I'd pick the Bears -9. I think ULM gave all they had the last two weeks and Baylor should be able to figure them out.